• If I Were Granted Three Wishes


    We all wish for things in life, as a child it could be small toy and when we grow up some wish for a luxury car. This topic really made me think and here are my top three wishes:

    Firstly: … more

  • Wordress Site Design & Requirements

    We are looking for a talented Wordress Developer who can work on a  WooCommerce site to fix its layout and give it a classy design look. 

    Current development website is hosted here  … more

  • Need WordPress / WooCommerce Site Developer


    We are looking for a smart **Wordpress** site developer who can build complete sites independently.

    Must have experience in developing & designing **eCommerce** sites using ** … more

  • Database Country Table with SQL Insert Statements

    Tags: SQL Server

    A common requirement with most applications is to have a list of Countries in the database.

    To make things easy, I have put a file containing Create statements for Country table on SQL Server and … more

  • Learning How to Learn

    Key topics selected from MOOC - Learning How to Learn on Coursera

    A) Focussed and Diffuse modes of thinking

    B) Memory

    C) Procrastination

    Below is some of the key aspects from these topics which … more

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